Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador Over Gaza

By Dialogo
January 07, 2009

As a sign of protest against the Israeli army offensive in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity ‎with the Palestinian people, the Venezuelan government ordered the expulsion of the ‎Israeli ambassador to Caracas, Shlomo Cohen. ‎ ‎ The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "the Government of the Bolivarian ‎Republic of Venezuela has decided to expel the Israeli ambassador and the staff of the ‎Israeli Embassy in Venezuela, reaffirming its mission of peace and its call for respect for ‎the law internationally." ‎ ‎ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela condemned the Israeli military offensive in ‎Gaza and expressed "unconditional solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people." ‎"Do not deny the Jewish Holocaust? And what are we seeing happening now in Gaza? ‎Put your hand on the heart and be fair," the Venezuelan president said.