Exercise Mercury II

Fight Against Narcotrafficking

SOUTHCOM Reinforces Partnerships

Strengthening Partnerships

SOUTHCOM Supports Partner Nations

US Improves and Builds Relationships with Regional Partner Nations

Training Exercise UNITAS LXI 2020

JTF-Bravo Rescues Victims of Hurricane Eta

Partnership in the Americas: US Embassies Team Up with US Southern Command to Fight COVID-19

US Navy Admiral Craig S. Faller, commander of U.S. Southern Command, visits Central America

Joint Task Force Bravo at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras Supports Operations and Exercises in Latin America and the Caribbean

Brazilian Armed Forces Strengthen Operations During COVID-19

Fight Against Narcotrafficking

JTF-Bravo Donates Protective Supplies Against COVID-19 in Honduras

Military Regional Effort to Fight COVID-19
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter James Interdicted Narcotics

Salvadoran Military Issues US MREs to Assist with COVID-19 Crisis
Vita Exercise
Brazilian President Visits SOUTHCOM

New Comandante Ferraz Antartic Station
Dynamic Force Exercise
USNS Comfort In The Dominican Republic
Operation Martillo – Photo Essay
Operation Martillo leads to huge narcotics seizures
USS Gary excelling in Operation Martillo
Dominican Republic: DNCD dismantles narco-trafficking ring
U.S. Navy’s Fourth Fleet tests PUMA unmanned aerial vehicle
El Salvador Deploys New Task Force to Intensify Fight against Gangs
Guatemala’s Military Canine Unit, an “Honor Guard” Military Police Brigade
Arms Destruction in Guatemala
First Female Fighter Pilot in Salvadoran Air Force
Joint Task Force Matthew Deploys to Support Haiti in Response to Hurricane Matthew
Joint Task Force Matthew Relief Operation Underway
Joint Task Force Matthew Continues Aid to Haiti
Colombia Provided Aid to Haiti
A U.S. Southern Command-directed team was deployed in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew
Colombian Marines: 80 Years Serving Colombia
Continuing Promise: A Decade Dedicated to Changing Thousands of Lives
Continuing Promise 2017 Arrives in Honduras
Brazilian Navy Takes Its Cadets out to Sea in Aspirantex 2017
Continuing Promise 2017 – Colombia
Exercise Tradewinds 2017
Fuerzas Comando 2017, the Force That Brings Us Together
Honduras Victorious in Fuerzas Comando 2017
Feria Aeronáutica Internacional–F-AIR Colombia 2017
Hurricane Irma Relief
USAID Mobilizes Caribbean Relief Efforts
Joint Task Force-Leeward Island Supports the Cariibean Photos: U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Melissa Martens
Brazilian Armed Forces Continue their Successful High Performance Athlete Program
Brazilian Army Trains More Than 4,000 Service Members During Operation Ibicuí
Undersea Rescue Command (URC) Arrives in Argentina
The 2018 Continuing Promise Mission Arrives in Honduras
FIDAE 2018
Continuing Promise 2018 (CP-18) -Guatemala
Colombian President Visits, Thanks SOUTHCOM for its Support
Tradewinds 2018
SOUTHCOM sponsor’s exercise New Horizons 2018 in Panama
Caribbean Nations Build Capacity through Large-Scale Exercise
Fuerzas Comando 2018 Officially Kicks Off in Panama
Red Flag Training
Rim of the Pacific 2018
Air Forces of Colombia, Brazil, Peru, US Undertake Joint Exercise Ángel de los Andes II Diálogo
Costa Rican Minister of Public Security Visits SOUTHCOM
Colombian Defense Chief Visits SOUTHCOM
Tradewinds 2019: Caribbean Security Exercise
USNS Comfort Hospital Ship Deploys to Support the Venezuelan People in the Region
Green Flag Exercise
Joint Task Force-Bravo Assess, Educates Honduran Community
Fuerzas Comando 2019
USNS Comfort in Manta, Ecuador
F-Air Colombia 2019
The USNS Comfort in Colombia
Unitas 2019 Exercise
Multinational Exercise UNITAS 2019
Chilean and U.S. Air Forces Share Helicopter Expertise
USNS Comfort in Trinidad and Tobago