Los Urabeños’ Number Two Killed in Colombia

By Dialogo
April 26, 2013

The military leader of the criminal gang Los Urabeños, also known as ‘El Negro Sarley’, to whom massacres and the shipment of enormous amounts of cocaine to Mexican cartels are attributed, was killed by the Colombian Police on April 24 in northwest Colombia, an official source reported.

“As the military leader of Los Urabeños, this criminal participated in massacres, and multiple homicides, and he might be one of the country’s main cocaine exporters,” Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón told the press.

‘El Negro Sarley,’ whose real name is Francisco José Morela, was killed in a rural area of Turbo municipality, Antioquia department, during an operation primarily aimed at capturing him, after several months of police monitoring.

Local authorities considered Morela the paramilitary drug trafficking organization’s second-in-command. His brother-in-law Dairo Úsuga, aka ‘Otoniel,’ heads it.

The minister recalled that in the last year and a half, several heads of Los Urabeños had been captured, such as aka ‘Leo’ in Ecuador, while others have died in confrontations with the authorities, as in the case of alias ‘Giovanny’.

According to the Police, Los Urabeños, as well as other gangs, are drug trafficking organizations whose members used to belong to the demobilized United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, but had not joined the demobilization carried out between 2003 and 2006.

“This gang is, perhaps, the last one with national reach, and this year we are determined to weaken its existence. With this blow in which aka ‘El Negro Sarley’ has been neutralized, we are starting to fulfill this objective,” Pinzón said.

According to Colombian authorities, Los Urabeños and Los Rastrojos are the main emerging criminal gangs in Colombia, and annually ship dozens of tons of cocaine to Central America and Mexican drug cartels.