Four Baby Armadillos-Endangered Species- Rescued in Nicaragua

By Dialogo
June 16, 2009

Managua, June 14 (EFE).- Four baby armadillos, one of the species in danger of extinction in Central America, were rescued by the Nicaraguan environmentalist Kamilo Lara, who belongs to the non-governmental organization “Environmental Alert” (Alerta Ambiental.) Lara, who is in charge of the NGO, stated today that the group of armadillos was rescued this weekend in the community of Sabana Grande, in the outskirts of Managua, with the help of the community’s neighbors. The environmentalist added that the animals were under his supervision, and that in a week he would deliver them to the private veterinary clinic at the University of Commercial Sciences (UCC) in Managua. Later, in approximately two months, they would be returned to their natural habitat. The rescue of these four endangered species pups, three days old each, was achieved by “tricking” a few children, the environmentalist said. "We took the armadillos from them by the use of tricks and promises. The kids were carrying the animals hanging on their shoulders, as if they were nothing important,” he remarked. They failed to rescue the mother of the four armadillos, which was killed by Sabana Grande’s inhabitants while hunting. Lara announced that he would promote the creation rescue centre for wild life, primarily for animals in danger of extinction, because there is no institution of this kind in the country, and no one is working at returning these species to their natural habitat. There are two different species of armadillo in Nicaragua, the scientific name "dasypus novemcinctus," and they are widely known as “cusuco" or “armadillo de nueve bandas,” one smaller than the other, although both share the same characteristics and habits. It is a solitary nocturnal animal whose shell is made of hard, corneous scales that also cover the head, legs and tail. "Cusucos" or armadillos, move slowly and are harmless; their habitat is dry or open forest areas of Nicaraguan.