FARC: No Hostage Release Without International Witnesses

By Dialogo
January 08, 2009

The Colombian leftist rebel group, FARC, said it is willing to hand over six hostages but ‎it will only do so in the presence of an international representative. ‎ In a statement made public Wednesday, the FARC said it wants someone from either a ‎‎"brother country" or the international community to be present when it frees the hostages. ‎ Both the FARC and the Colombian government say they will let someone from the ‎International Committee of the Red Cross be on hand for the hostage release. But ‎Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has said he does not want any other international ‎participation ‎ The rebel group has pledged to release two politicians - including Alan Jara, who is a ‎former governor held since 2001 - along with three police officers and a soldier.‎ The FARC has said it would deliver the hostages to Piedad Cordoba, a Colombian ‎opposition senator. Cordoba has been involved in previous efforts to secure the release of ‎hostages held by the FARC in jungle hideouts.‎