El Salvador Declines To Host Four Sports At Central American Games

By Dialogo
December 09, 2009

El Salvador has declined to host four of seven sports assigned to it for the IX Central American Games, which the country will hold jointly with Panama and Guatemala in March, due to the damage suffered by its stadiums during November’s rains, an official announced. The Games should have taken place this month in Honduras but were suspended as a result of the political crisis, for which reason the Central American Sports Organization decided to reschedule them in three locations, the president of the Salvadoran Olympic Committee, Eduardo Palomo, said. Seven sports were initially assigned to El Salvador, but due to November’s torrential rains, which left around two hundred dead and millions of dollars in damage, including damage to sports venues, the country declined to organize four competitions and will only host three, rowing, fencing, and archery, Palomo said. “An effort is being made at the federation level, trying to decide whether the four sports that we can’t host here can be hosted in the other locations,” he said. The sports rejected by El Salvador are squash, skating, bowling, and weightlifting, the official explained. The IX Central American Sports Games, which were going to take place this month in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula, will be held from 2 to 14 March 2010, and their opening ceremony will be in Panama. “The Central American Games have not followed the normal course that a set of games should follow,” Palomo acknowledged.