Ecuadorean Police Dismantle Cocaine Laboratory On Border With Peru

By Dialogo
March 03, 2011

The Ecuadorean police have dismantled a laboratory for processing cocaine of Peruvian origin, in an operation on the border with the latter country in which five Colombians were detained, an official spokesperson announced on 1 March.

The production center was located on a rural property in the town of La Joya de los Sachas, in the border province of Orellana (in eastern Ecuador), Col. Carlos Pozo, the regional police commander, told reporters.

The ranch “was used by an international drug-trafficking organization as a laboratory for converting controlled substances,” the officer indicated.

Hidden storage capable of holding up to three tons of drugs, suspected to have been brought from Peru, was also found at the location, an agent who participated in the operation, and who avoided revealing his identity, indicated for his part.

At the same time, five Colombians were detained, and 20.5 kg of cocaine were confiscated.