China Adopts New Anti-Terrorism Legislation

By Dialogo
January 01, 2012

China passed new anti-terrorism legislation in October 2011 that will amend

current criminal laws by providing a definition of “acts of terror.”

The new law defines terrorists as those who “organize, plot and conduct

terrorist acts as well as those who are members of terrorist groups.” On the other

hand, it defines terrorist acts as activities “intended to induce public fear or to

coerce state organs or international organizations by means of violence, sabotage,

threats or other tactics.”

The new legislation is expected to help law enforcement officials prosecute

terrorists differently from other criminals and to promote international cooperation

on terrorism, said Li Shouwei, a criminal law expert for the legislature. It will

also freeze the assets of groups and individual terrorists.

“China is faced with the real threat of terrorist activities, and the

struggle with terrorism is long-term, complicated and acute,” said Chinese vice

minister of public security, Yang Huanning.