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Brazilian Federal Highway Police Seizes Large Quantity of Marijuana

Brazilian Federal Highway Police Seizes Large Quantity of Marijuana

By Anderson Gabino/Diálogo
March 10, 2021

The Paraná Federal Police (PRF, in Portuguese) has intensified operations to combat narcotrafficking, resulting in the seizure of about 146 tons of marijuana — a historic record for the state institution — in 2020. This work continues to deliver significant results into early 2021.

On January 6, PRF agents and officers of the Paraná State Counternarcotics Unit seized nearly 1.5 tons of marijuana, concealed in a truck driving along federal highway BR-467, which connects the Paraná municipalities of Marechal Cândido Rondon and Cascavel.

Agents stopped and searched the truck, finding several packages of marijuana, which were concealed under bags of flour. The drug was unloaded and weighed, totaling 1,485 kilograms.

Authorities found the marijuana cache of nearly 1.5 tons in Paraná, inside a truck that carried bags of flour. (Photo: Brazilian Federal Highway Police)

According to agents, “the load was shipped from Iguaçu Falls [Paraná] and was bound for São Paulo. Investigations will be intensified to identify individuals involved and who owned the drug. As soon as the individuals are identified and arrested, they will also be charged with drug trafficking and trafficking conspiracy.”

The truck driver, 26, was carrying a 9mm pistol with three magazines, which is limited to private military use. He was charged with one count of drug trafficking conspiracy, which holds a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Seizures in Rio Grande do Sul

On January 7, PRF agents from Rio Grande do Sul (RS) seized a large amount of marijuana, which was hidden in cargo of corn. The drug was in the trailer of a vehicle registered in Paraná, which was driving along highway BR 386 that runs through the municipality of Fontoura Xavier, RS.

The trailer, which carried 30 tons of corn, with a proper bill of sale, was headed to the municipality of Arroio do Meio, RS, to unload its cargo.

Police officers proceeded with the search and as they unloaded the corn, found the concealed packages of marijuana, totaling some 6 tons.

The seizure, the second largest made by the PRF in RS, resulted in the loss of about $1 million for organized crime. The largest seizure so far, 6,017 kg, was carried out in 2018. In 2020, PRF agents seized nearly 30 tons of drugs during operations on state and federal highways of the region.