17.56 Million Pseudoephedrine Tablets Seized in Guatemalan Port

By Dialogo
June 18, 2009

Guatemala, June 16 (EFE). - Official sources reported today that Guatemalan antinarcotics agents seized 17,562,000 pseudoephedrine tablets in the port of Quetzal on the Pacific coast of the Central American country. The spokesperson of the National Civil Police (PNC), Donald González, explained to the press that the cargo was confiscated on Monday night from a container carried by the boat "Libra Río," coming from India. The pseudoephedrine was hidden inside other products such as ponchos (blankets), and its value is calculated at approximately 263.43 million quetzals (around 32.48 million dollars). González explained that the operation to seize this drug was coordinated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Division of Antinarcotics Assistance and Research (DAIA) of the National Civil Police (PNC), and the Public Ministry (MP). The police spokesperson said that there were no arrests when the pseudoephedrine was seized, but he announced that the security forces are carrying out operations in western Guatemalan regions, the drug’s intended destination, in order to find the people responsible for the cargo. Last February, the Guatemalan government prohibited the import of pseudoephedrine because of its use in the manufacture of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy.