Operation Horus Seizes More Than 33 Tons of Marijuana

Operation Horus Seizes More Than 33 Tons of Marijuana

By Anderson Gabino/Diálogo
October 14, 2020

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Brazilian Military Police from the Border Operations Department (DOF, in Portuguese), with support from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security’s Secretariat of Integrated Operations (Seopi/MJSP, in Portuguese), carried out Operation Horus in Mato Grosso do Sul state on August 26, resulting in the largest drug seizure in Brazil’s history. Two people were arrested as they transported the drug.

Authorities seized close to 33.3 tons of marijuana found in multiple packages inside a truck, in Maracaju. Prior to this, in May, the Brazilian Federal Highway Police had seized the largest amount of marijuana, 28 tons, also in Mato Grosso do Sul, on the border with Paraguay.

DOF director, Military Police Lieutenant Colonel Wagner Ferreira da Silva, highlighted the importance of the seizure. “Operation Horus of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, along with other strategies of our Secretariat of Public Security, dealt a major blow to criminal organizations that operate on the borders. It breaks a criminal cycle and decapitalizes organized crime, impeding that its dividends return against society in the form of violence.”

The large number is also reflected in the annual total of seizures in the state. With few months left in the year, the total of drugs seized on the roads by DOF alone is more than 146 percent of the total seized the previous year. In 2019, authorities seized 73 tons of marijuana. Between January and August 2020, more than 180 tons of the drug have been seized.

“This result demonstrates how aligned the institutions are, as well as the level of professionalism and commitment of all the participants,” said Eduardo Bettini, Seopi/MJSP general border coordinator.

Since the start of Operation Horus in Mato Grosso do Sul in September 2019, the state has been leading in drug seizures. Security forces have already kept about 333.5 tons of drugs off the streets.