Bolivian Air Force Interested in Acquiring UAVs

Bolivian Air Force Interested in Acquiring UAVs

By Dialogo
February 21, 2012

The commander of the Bolivian Armed Forces, General Tito Gandarillas, has announced that his country’s Air Force is interested in gathering information about the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by the Brazilian Armed Forces in their fight against organized crime in that nation.

The objective, according to Gen. Gandarillas, is to have available the necessary elements that can enable them to fight the criminal and drug-trafficking organizations that engage in criminal activity along their borders.

For that purpose, the Armed Forces of both nations have established a fluid dialogue that has led to high-ranking officers of the Bolivian Air Force (including the commander) visiting the city of Santa Maria, Brazil, with the objective of being able to observe at first hand how these aerial vehicles are used and also learn details about their operational capabilities.

On another topic, both Air Forces have reported their intention to carry out exchanges of officers and cadets this year and for a period that could be extended until 2016, with the aim of increasing inter-institutional cooperation between the two forces.

Bolivia is interested in obtaining assistance from its Brazilian counterparts along these lines, as well as in the possibility of operating UAVs in the near future.

That’s it, the Bolivian commander is in the right path, stop the narcotraffic now, ok [Brazilian Air Force Captain, Senna]