US Military to Resume Medical Evacuation Flights from Haiti

By Dialogo
February 01, 2010

U.S. military flights bringing Haitian earthquake victims to the United States resume Monday. The medical evacuation flights were suspended last week in a dispute over where the patients would be treated and who would pay for their care. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement Sunday the White House has received assurances that the United States and its international partners have the medical capacity to treat the injured Haitians. On Sunday, aid workers in Haiti arranged to fly three critically ill children in a private plane from Port-au-Prince to Children's Hospital in the U.S. northeastern city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Officials say the children included a five-year old with tetanus, a 14-month-old boy with pneumonia, and a baby with third-degree burns from sun exposure. Aid officials in Haiti said a new coupon-based food relief system has brought a sense of order to a relief effort hampered by often-chaotic food distributions. Sunday, officials began handing 25-kilogram bags of rice to women who received numbered coupons from relief workers identifying those most in need in the crowded camps of displaced people. Some food handouts recently had turned unruly and violent, with mobs of hungry, desperate quake survivors overwhelming aid workers and their U.N. peacekeeper escorts.