The Rainy Season in Haiti Has Already Caused Fatalities

By Dialogo
March 03, 2010

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A new catastrophe threatens Haitians following the earthquake that caused
222,500 deaths and left more than a million people homeless: the rainy season, which
has already caused several fatalities and evacuations.

Thirteen people died Saturday as a result of flooding caused by strong rains
in southwestern Haiti, according to preliminary reports. At least three people are
believed to be missing, and another three thousand have been evacuated.

Several neighborhoods were flooded in the city of Les Cayes (160 km south of
Port-au-Prince), which was not affected by the 12 January earthquake, forcing dozens
of people to take refuge on the roofs of their houses.

The agricultural sector and the roads were severely damaged by the rains,
according to the authorities, who reported landslides in several

The rainy season, which precedes the hurricane season that starts in June,
usually begins around April in Haiti, but strong precipitation has already been
falling in Port-au-Prince, raising concern.
Haiti enjoys a “pure tropical” climate, Dennis Feltgen, of the U.S. National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, explained to AFP.

From the beginning of spring in March until October, at least one storm can
be expected daily, according to him.