The IDB Asks Latin America to Contribute to a “Marshall Plan” for Haiti

By Dialogo
January 25, 2010

Paris - The president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, today called on Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the launch of a “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Haiti. The Latin American and Caribbean region “can and should play a greater role” in the launch of such a Plan, Moreno said in his address to the Second International Economic Forum - Latin America and the Caribbean 2010 held today in Paris. The disaster in Haiti, “the most vulnerable nation in the region,” Moreno said, “demands an unprecedented response from the international community.” Although concern right now is focused on providing security, food, and shelter to the Haitian victims, “it’s necessary to begin thinking about rebuilding,” he insisted. For this, Haiti needs not only financial assistance, but also technical assistance, according to Moreno, who added that the IDB has already communicated to the Haitian government that 90 million dollars are available for rapid assignment to finance the most urgent rebuilding tasks. In addition, he added, “this year we expect to donate another 128 million dollars to Haiti.” For the IDB, “the enormous challenge of rebuilding Haiti is already underway,” and commitment from the countries in the region is now needed for a task that will take years. According to Moreno, what is important is that solidarity be maintained once the “heart-rending images” of the disaster have disappeared from the media.