Red Cross Highlights Latin America’s Active Role in Cooperation for Haiti

By Dialogo
February 12, 2010

The Andean regional representative of the International Federation of Red
Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Fernando Casanova, speaking in Lima, highlighted
Latin America’s economic and humanitarian cooperation for Haitian recovery, because
this kind of south-south aid did not exist ten or fifteen years ago.

“In Haiti there are resources now from all of Latin America; it’s
south-south cooperation, which is a kind of help that no one thought about ten or
fifteen years ago and that is now coming to the fore in Latin America,” Casanova
told reporters in Lima.

The representative welcomed Peruvian president Alan García’s offer to finance
the rebuilding of Haitian schools with ten million dollars, as part of a
hundred-million-dollar fund announced yesterday in Quito by the Union of South
American Nations (Unasur).

Casanova added that “the initiative that the governments of South America
have taken in creating a fund and directing their support toward Haiti strikes me as
an excellent example of a new model of cooperation.”

The International Federation’s representative recalled that the earthquake
in Haiti “has had a very significant impact” on the aid that humanitarian
organizations usually offer in emergencies of this kind, and as a result, it will be
necessary to make use of resources that might have been dedicated to other