Peru And Brazil Tighten Cooperation In UN Mission In Haiti

By Dialogo
May 18, 2009

Today the governments of Peru and Brazil signed an agreement that will allow the integration of Peruvian Army officers into the general staff's Brazilian battalion of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH ). The ambassadors to the UN from Peru, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Reinel, and Brazil, María Luisa Ribeiro Viotti, were responsible for signing the agreement in New York, according to a report from the Peruvian diplomatic delegation. "The signing of this MOU will enable the Peruvian and Brazilian ministries of Defense to initiate coordination for immediate involvement of Peruvian officers in the general staff's Brazilian battalion in Haiti," says the message. It emphasizes that the agreement "is also a sample of the optimum relations between Brazil and Peru and the trust between the armed forces of both countries." The press release indicates that the Peruvian government is "one of the most active supporters of MINUSTAH’s work and that this is part of the joint efforts by Latin American countries with forces in Haiti; additionally, they are members of the group of friends of the Caribbean nation. Peru has about 200 soldiers in the military contingent of MINUSTAH, which has a total of 7,044 and is headed by Brazilian General Floriano Peixoto Vieira Neto. Brazil, with 1,282 soldiers, contributes most troops to the peacekeeping mission in the country, which also includes troops from among other countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The purpose of the multinational UN force, which has been present in Haiti since the overthrow in 2004 of then-President Jean Bertrand Aristide, is to help stabilize the country and ease its transition to democracy.