Honduran Police Rescues Kidnapped Businessman’s Son

By Dialogo
June 09, 2009

Tegucigalpa, June 7 (EFE). - Honduran police rescued without harm the namesake son of the oil businessman Henry Arévalo, who had been kidnapped almost a month ago, and arrested several of his captors, an official source reported today. A police contingent rescued Henry Arévalo, aged 17, on Saturday from a house in the village of Piedra Parada, in a mountainous region in the department of La Paz (center), according to Héctor Mejía, the National Police’s press spokesperson. In the operation six people were arrested, including members of the kidnappers’ gang and the family who owned the house in which the young man was held captive; however, two other members of the gang got away, he added. Police found two police uniforms and badges in the house, among other items; hence they investigate the possible involvement of police members in the abduction. Henry Arévalo’s son was kidnapped on May 10 from a road while returning to Tegucigalpa from the family house situated in Zambrano, about 40 kilometers north of the capital, in a car with his two older sisters. The boy is the son of a businessman, Henry Arévalo, co-owner of a major fuel distribution chain, and former Vice President of Carlos Flores’ administration (1998-2002), Gladys Knight. So far this year about thirty people have been abducted in Honduras, while in 2008 a total of 80 were kidnapped, according to official sources. Among the largest kidnappings in recent weeks are journalist Andrés Torres, of Tegucigalpa’s HRN radio, who was held captive from May 15 to June 2. Another journalist, Bernardo Rivera, has been held captive since March 14.