Two Detained in Ecuador While Transporting Explosives to Colombia

By Dialogo
October 25, 2010

The Ecuadorean Navy arrested a Colombian and an Ecuadorean on the high seas as the two were trying to transport around 540 sticks of dynamite, ammunition, and implements for manufacturing explosives to Colombia, the commander of the operation, Capt. Alejandro Vela, announced on 21 October.

The detainees had on their vessel “approximately 540 sticks of dynamite, 25 boxes of 16-mm and 12-mm cartridges, boxes of detonators, powder, lead for shot, fuses, among other things,” Vela told the press.

He added that the individuals were found on a boat off the coast of the province of Esmeraldas (in northwestern Ecuador), which borders Colombia, and that they were turned over to Ecuadorean law-enforcement authorities.

Ecuador shares with Colombia a border around 680 km long, along which irregular groups traffic in drugs and arms.