Search Underway for American Missing in Costa Rican National Park

By Dialogo
August 25, 2009

Around thirty rescue personnel and a helicopter from the United States are searching for American tourist David Gimelfarb, who has been missing for a week in Rincón de la Vieja National Park, in northern Costa Rica. The Red Cross announced that on Wednesday, 11 August, Gimelfarb set out alone on a trail in the park, in which the Rincón de la Vieja volcano is located, in the northern province of Liberia, and has been missing since then. “Several Red Cross patrols accompanied by park rangers have continually entered the park in different areas in order to try to locate the foreigner, although the effort has been suspended several times due to adverse weather conditions, principally electrical storms and heavy rain,” a statement by the organization indicated. This Wednesday the U.S. embassy provided a helicopter to intensify the search, which will begin again Thursday morning. The authorities have explained that the tourist may be in a difficult situation, since the park is made up of two zones, a rocky one around the volcano’s cone that is frequently covered with fog, disorienting those who are not familiar with the area, and a densely-forested one in which it rains heavily. It also cannot be ruled out that Gimelfarb may have been injured and may be waiting to be rescued.