Police Officer and Guerrilla Killed after Bombing in Paraguay

By Dialogo
April 23, 2013

On April 21, a police officer and a guerrilla member were killed, and seven other force members were injured after a bomb exploded in a small village 500 km north of Asunción, during Paraguay’s presidential elections, the Public Prosecutor’s Office reported.

The attack occurred on a dangerous road in Kurusú de Hierro, located in a difficult-access area 70 km from Concepción, when a homemade bomb exploded under a police patrol vehicle, Prosecutor Joel Cazal in charge of the investigation, reported.

The officer belonged to the National Police’s tactical team, while the guerrilla member was known to belong to the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), a guerrilla group operating in the area.

The insurgent had a criminal record for planting an abundance of clandestine marihuana crops in the area.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said that the bomb was detonated while a Police convoy crossed a bridge on the road to Kurusú de Hierro, where two unknown individuals on a motorcycle had opened fire against the local police station earlier.

The chief of the National Police of Concepción department, Commissioner Saturnino Gamarra, stated that the guerrillas framed the force, “because they expected us to assist the police station under attack.”

The police vehicle was routinely used by Gamarra, but at the time of the attack, the chief of police was on a helicopter patrolling mission, the spokesperson of the police station added.

Police reinforcements did not arrive in Kurusú de Hierro until late at night; for fear that other bombs might have been planted in the region, official sources informed.