More than One Ton of Cocaine Seized in Colombia

More than One Ton of Cocaine Seized in Colombia

By Dialogo
October 29, 2012

The Colombian National Navy and Anti-Narcotics Police seized over a ton of cocaine on October 23 from a container coming from Cartagena to San Andrés Island, reported the Colombian National Navy.

“This seizure was achieved with the support of National Police, National Navy, and fortunately, the valuable support of the community through a network of cooperation, in the quest to prosper in security matters,” Captain Gabriel Alfonso Pérez Garcés, Colombian National Navy spokesman, told Diálogo.

Among other items, the container contained boxes with cooking oil and dog food. When the authorities checked the boxes, they discovered that 130 of them had been used by drug traffickers to hide cocaine, stated the communiqué.

The National Police’s Judiciary Investigation Division SIJIN ordered the Standardized Preliminary Initial Test for the alkaloid, and the results concluded that it was cocaine hydrochloride of high purity. This drug cargo weighed 1,296 kilos and worth over US$ 38 million in the international black market, stated the Navy.

“So far this week, in the San Andrés Archipelago and Providencia department, the National Navy was able to dismantle the logistics and financial structures of these criminal organizations, after seizing about two-and-a-half tons of cocaine hydrochloride, which prevented the criminals from earning US$ 72 million.” Captain Pérez Garcés concluded.