Colombian Public Force Curbs Drug Shipments

Colombian Public Force Curbs Drug Shipments

By Yolima Dussán/Diálogo
July 30, 2020

The Colombian Public Force continues to strengthen its results in the fight against narcotrafficking, dealing several blows to organized crime, between June 17-25.

In the Guaviare jungle, the Colombian Army destroyed a lab that produced narcotics on June 23. (Photo: Colombian Army)

On June 25, the Colombian Navy said in a press release that Rapid Response Units of the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station intercepted a vessel in Valle del Cauca department and found 158.8 kilograms of marijuana and 540 kg of cocaine hydrochloride.

With this interdiction, the Pacific Naval Force has seized more than 77 metric tons of drugs in the first semester of 2020, the Colombian Navy said.

On June 22 in the Guaviare jungle, elements of the Colombian Armed Forces found a clandestine drug lab valued at $890,000, the Military Forces of Colombia said in a press release on June 23.

“The soldiers found half a ton of cocaine hydrochloride, more than 101 kg of coca base paste, 2,145 gallons [9,751 liters] of liquid chemical substances, 1,275 kg of solid chemical substances, microwave ovens, fuel, machinery, equipment, and other material,” said Colombian Army Brigadier General Raúl Hernando Flórez Cuervo, commander of Joint Task Force Omega, in an audio message the Military Forces’ General Command sent on June 23.

Colombian coast guard units seized 901 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride. (Photo: Colombian Navy)

On June 19, at a checkpoint in Huila department, troops of the Colombian Army 27th Infantry Battalion noted irregularities in the floor of a trailer truck, where they found four compartments containing 258 kg of cocaine hydrochloride, the Colombian Military Forces’ General Command said in a press release.

The Colombian Navy reported another interdiction operation in the Pacific Ocean.

Units of the Colombian Navy seized about 1 metric ton of cocaine that belonged to the residual organized armed group Estructura 30 on June 17, when Coast Guard units in the Pacific detected a type of fast boat with three crew members, the Colombian Navy reported in a press release.

The operation, carried out with support from an aircraft of the Colombian Air Force’s 7th Air Combatant Command, facilitated the detention of the motorboat, near the area of Boca de Chamuscado, Valle del Cauca. Authorities found 901 kg of cocaine hydrochloride, the report added.