PANAMAX 2019 Concludes

PANAMAX 2019 Concludes

By Panamanian Ministry of Public Security
August 20, 2019

Panamanian Vice Minister of Public Security Ivor Pitti led the closing ceremony, which was attended by security leaders and representatives of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).

Vice Minister Pitti highlighted the benefits of this type of exercise, and added that it constitutes an opportunity to strengthen bonds of fraternity and camaraderie between the U.S. and Panamanian Armed Forces.

U.S. Navy Admiral Craig S. Faller, commander of SOUTHCOM, said that the United States has for many years recognized Panama’s great contribution as a partner in the fight against terrorism and other illicit activities.

Adm. Faller witnessed the conclusion of the exercise, which prepared security forces and other government agencies to work jointly.

During these years, the United States has provided bilateral planning and support for Panama’s Task Force Alpha in the communication, air transport, and logistics areas, which has improved response capabilities to maintain security in water environments.

Adm. Faller praised the teamwork of Task Force Alpha and U.S. Task Force Galleon.