Brazilian Navy Conducts PASSEX Exercise and Other Activities with the US Navy

Brazilian Navy Conducts PASSEX Exercise and Other Activities with the US Navy

By Andréa Barretto/Diálogo
December 09, 2020

On November 4, training ship Brasil docked at Mayport Naval Base, in Jacksonville, Florida. After two weeks at sea, sailing from Brazil to the United States, the stop at the American port was the first planned by the Brazilian Navy (MB, in Portuguese) ship, which is carrying out its 34th Midshipmen Training Trip. There are 400 students of MB’s Naval Academy onboard. This trip represents the cadets’ last training activity before they become MB officers and can serve aboard ships or in other military organizations.

The visit at Mayport lasted eight days. On November 6, during an award ceremony, the Tamandaré Medal of Merit was presented to U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command commander, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Donald D. Gabrielson.

On November 15, a ceremony was held aboard training ship Brasil, while it was bound to the city of Galveston, Texas, to honor the memory of the seamen who died when the R-12 U.S. submarine sank, on June 12, 1943, during World War II. Two MB officers were among the victims. The U.S. Navy ship USS Zephyr and the U.S. Coast Guard ship USCGC Charles Sexton took part in the events.

Meeting in the Caribbean

A Brazilian midshipman throws flowers in the ocean during a ceremony to honor the memory of the seamen who died in World War II. The U.S. Navy USS Zephyr can be seen in the background. (Photo: Brazilian Navy)

Before arriving at Mayport Naval Base, training ship Brasil met with the U.S. Navy vessel USS William P. Lawrence, in Caribbean international waters. They met on October 28, when the crew of both ships completed the PASSEX exercise together. This joint exercise with the U.S. Navy launched the series of activities scheduled for the 34th Midshipmen Training Trip with foreign naval forces.

“Exercises such as PASSEX happen when ships of different navies sail in the same region and their navigation routes promote opportunities to conduct joint training exercises,” said MB’s Public Affairs.

As part of the training exercises to prepare the teams of both ships for communication, navigation, and joint operation tasks, service members conducted sea maneuvers and air maneuver escort with aircraft on board, practicing war tactics that are part of the doctrine of the Brazilian and U.S. naval forces.

The exercise was particularly important to the midshipmen. During PASSEX, students had to calculate tactical maneuvers, to observe the Brazilian ship executing these maneuvers, and to communicate in English with the USS William P. Lawrence.

The 34th Midshipmen Training Trip has been ongoing since October 21 and will conclude in February 2021.