Venezuela Deports Three Alleged Drug Traffickers

By Dialogo
January 26, 2012

Venezuela deported three alleged drug traffickers, sought by Interpol and the authorities of Canada, Colombia, and the United States, to those countries on January 24, Interior and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami announced.

The three “are sought by the judicial authorities in other countries for the alleged commission of offenses associated with drug trafficking,” El Aissami told the press, speaking at the Caracas international airport.

The deportees to their respective countries included Canadian national Luc Letourneau and Colombian national Adalberto Bernal, while Oscar Martínez, from Puerto Rico, was turned over to the U.S. authorities.

Bernal is charged by Colombian authorities with setting up “routes for trafficking drugs to Europe” through the use of human couriers, the minister explained.

Letourneau is charged with having been part of an international network that transported drugs from Colombia and Venezuela to Canada and Europe, while Martínez faces a 209-year prison term in the United States for drug trafficking and other crimes, such as homicide and illicitly carrying a weapon, El Aissami added.

The minister also announced that Venezuelan authorities arrested a Greek citizen, identified as Simonides Basileu and wanted by Interpol for alleged drug trafficking in his country, on the tourist island of Margarita on January 24.