Six Foreigners Arrested with 307 Kilos of Cocaine in Guatemala

By Dialogo
June 25, 2013

Guatemalan authorities seized 307 kilos of cocaine and arrested five Mexican nationals and one Ecuadorean man who were carrying the drugs after intercepting a speedboat in the Pacific Ocean, the Ministry of Interior reported on June 22.

The cocaine came from Ecuador, and “during the counter drug operation, six foreigners who were transporting the drugs on a speedboat in the Pacific were arrested,” the Ministry said, without further specification of time and place of the capture.

The arrestees were identified as Mexican nationals Miguel Morán, Víctor Vázquez, Francisco López, Víctor Trinidad, Leonardo Espinoles, and Ecuadorean national Andrés Manzaba.

According to the press release, the seizure proceedings were delegated to the Attorney General’s Office and the counter drug teams of the Ministry of Interior and the Police.

Central America is a strategic area for drug trafficking operations that are conducted from the south towards the United States.

Washington estimates that 90% of the cocaine used in its territory comes via vehicles, airplanes, speedboats and submarines through Mexico and Central America.

According to regional authorities, Mexican cartels such as Los Zetas – the most violent – and Pacific – an alliance between the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels – have extended their operations towards Central America and are supported by local lords to ensure drug smuggling.