Public Forces Neutralize aka Robin, Leader of FARC Front 52

By Dialogo
August 06, 2013

The Colombian Minister of National Defense, Juan Carlos Pinzón, stated that the neutralization of aka “Robin”, the main leader of the FARC’s 52nd Front, and the capture of 10 members of the criminal gang “Los Urabeños”, were major hits to improve the security of Colombian citizens.

Minister Pinzón revealed from Manizales, where he participated in the Meeting of the Colombian Chambers of Commerce, that the troops of the National Army had neutralized Ferley Rondón Marín, aka ‘Robin’, in the last hours. Rondón Marín was the main leader of the 52nd Front, which operated in Meta department.

“This terrorist, who has been part of the FARC for 24 years, is responsible for extortions and terrorist actions,” Pinzón explained. “He perpetrated extortion against people and companies in Meta, Guaviare and Bogotá. He is the 44th major leader to be neutralized by the government of President Juan Manuel Santos.”

In addition, a wounded guerrilla aka ‘Pilar’, age 22, was captured during the Army operation conducted in Mesetas (Meta) jurisdiction.

The minister added that 10 members of the criminal gang “Los Urabeños,” responsible for extortion and drug trafficking, were captured in several raids conducted in the Valle del Norte and Antioquia departments.

“These operations demonstrate the ongoing offensive headed by the Armed Forces and Police. These are great news for the country, and are part of the results the public forces consistently deliver,” the National Defense Minister said.

I hope they eliminate drug dealers like the one captured by the government of President Santos.