Members of “Aguamanes” Criminal Gang Arrested in Colombia

By Dialogo
April 10, 2012

On April 8, two individuals belonging to the “Los Aguamanes” criminal gang, including its leader, were arrested in a river operation conducted by the Colombian National Navy in coordination with personnel from the local branch of the Judicial and Investigative Police (SIJIN) in Barrancabermeja.

Several months ago, the authorities began tracking Los Aguamanes in the sectors of Bolívar, Santander, and Antioquia; where this gang most engages in crime. It is dedicated to terrorizing, theft and extortion of several firms and retailers in the region as well.

Such firms include an oil company in Barrancabermeja from which Los Aguamanes demanded a large payment in cash to prevent the kidnapping of its employees.

The arrest of Ricardo Robles, alias “Aguaman,” the leader of this criminal gang, and Víctor Perez Agudelo, known under the alias “Guenchi,” a member of this irregular organization, took place when they were travelling on the Magdalena River, on a vessel that had been stolen from a citizen of that locality in March.

The individuals and the vessel were turned over to the respective authorities for the appropriate legal proceedings.