International Drug Organization Busted in Argentina

By Dialogo
September 20, 2012

The Argentine Police, in coordination with their counterparts of Uruguay and Paraguay, busted an international organization that was trafficking drugs to Europe and Asia by using ‘‘drug mules’‘ that swallowed cocaine capsules, informed the Ministry of Security on September 18.

On September 15 and 16, the police conducted 14 raids in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, where 11 men and 3 women of Peruvian, Dutch, Romanian, and South African nationalities were arrested.

During the raids, 6 kilos of cocaine were confiscated, as well as cell phones, computers, cash, and documents.

The investigation, coordinated with the police forces of Paraguay and Uruguay – countries where ‘‘mules’‘ were also recruited – started three months ago after the detention of four people that were trying to travel to Brazil, with Europe as their final destination.

‘‘The discreet and professional investigation carried out by the Airport Security Police allowed the capture of all of the criminal organization’s members conducting drug trafficking with this brutal method,’‘ said Security Minister Nilda Garré.

After a careful surveillance and the analysis of 700 hours of wire tapping, investigators were able to establish the time and date in which two ‘‘mules’‘ would be departing from Jorge Newbery Airfield in Buenos Aires to São Paulo, with Doha (Qatar) as final destination.

In the beginning of September, the police busted another drug trafficking organization comprised of Dominican Republic nationals who resort to indigents to transport cocaine to Europe inside their bodies.