Honduran Army Supports National Vaccination Campaign

Honduran Army Supports National Vaccination Campaign

By Dialogo
May 17, 2012

Since the end of April, Honduran Military personnel have been participating in a National Vaccination Campaign, in support of the Honduran Public Health Ministry. The objective of this campaign is to motivate citizens to get vaccinated in order to prevent diseases such as measles and rubella, among others.

The national vaccination campaign will extend until May 18 and will rely on the assistance of Honduran Military personnel, who already have experience with similar missions, as in the case of medical missions.

Recently, for example, the 105th Infantry Brigade traveled to the municipality of La Másica, where around 6,000 inhabitants received general medical, dental, pediatric, psychological, orthopedic, and gynecological services, as well as free medicine.

So far this year, the Honduran Armed Forces have carried out nine medical missions in different parts of the national territory, benefiting almost 25,000 Hondurans.