Great Britain: Coming Soon: Invisible Army Tanks

By Dialogo
January 01, 2012

Be well prepared Argentinean kids, because now it is true that they are not going to let go of Las Malvinas... with so much technology that the English have, I mean they have to preserve their enclaves they have around the world; is that clear??

Technology that makes tanks invisible is expected to make its debut around

2015. Military researchers in the United Kingdom are working on stealth tanks, a

design that incorporates camouflage features.

The tanks would have sensors that grab images of the environment and display

them on the tanks’ exterior, updated in real time.

The special technology, called “e-camouflage,” is part of the Future

Protected Vehicle program.

It consists of seven new armored vehicle and robot designs intended for

dangerous missions, clearing minefields, and rescuing injured servicemembers.