Foreign Governments Assist in Investigation of Attack in Colombia

By Dialogo
May 18, 2012

Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón revealed that given the technique used in the terrorist attack that targeted former Interior Minister Fernando Londoño on May 15, the Government has requested the assistance of friendly countries in the investigation in order to shed light on its motives, perpetrators, and planners.

“We’ve turned to these friendly Governments, as on other occasions, in order to exchange information and be more effective in these investigations,” Pinzón affirmed.

The minister offered assurance that no effort will be spared to find, as quickly as possible, those responsible for the terrorist attack, which left 2 dead and more than 40 injured.

The Defense minister affirmed that for now, no terrorist group is being ruled out as responsible for the attack, although he noted that only as the investigation moves forward will its results regarding possible perpetrators and planners be made public.

Finally, minister Pinzón offered assurance that Government forces will continue pursuing all terrorist and criminal groups, in order to keep moving forward on restoring the Colombian people’s security.