Brazilian Polar Ship to Launch Operation Antarctica

Brazilian Polar Ship to Launch Operation Antarctica

By Dialogo
October 10, 2012

The Polar Ship “Almirante Maximiano” is bound for Antarctica, initiating the Operation Antarctica XXXI (OPERANTAR XXXI) on October 6.

This season’s Antarctic operation will take place from November 2012 to March 2013, with the support of five ships: the Polar Ship “Almirante Maximiano,” the Oceanographic Support Ship “Ary Rongel” and the Submarine Aid Ship “Felinto Perry,” from the Brazilian Navy; the Logistic Support Ship “Ara San Blas,” from the Argentinean Navy, and the Merchant Ship “Germania,” chartered to support the dismantling of the Commander Ferraz Antarctica Station and the installation of emergency antarctic modules.

This year, all 18 projects presented by the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology were approved to be launched in Antarctica.

Included among the resources to be used to support all Brazilian research at sea and on land are the three Brazilian ships, the Argentinean Antarctic Station “Camara,” shelters, camps, and aircraft.

OPERANTAR XXXI is also being supported by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, which will analyze the environmental impact of disassembling the station, and by the Brazilian Air Force, which will provide the operation with ten flights to Antarctica, using C-130 airplanes.

On the 30th anniversary of Brazil’s Antarctic Program, the Brazilian Navy will mobilize all of its operational and logistic capabilities to continue their research uninterruptedly and maintain the Brazilian presence in Antarctica.