Bolivia: Government Accuses Maduro of Promoting Instability

Bolivia: Government Accuses Maduro of Promoting Instability

By Fabiola Chambi / Voice of America
December 05, 2019

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The Bolivian government appointed former president Jorge Quiroga as a delegate before  the international community to explain the political and social crisis that the country experienced after the general elections of October 20.

Interim President Jeanine Áñez announced the decision after a series of controversies that arose in different sectors.

“The experiences life gave us, we will use all that to make clear that there was no coup in Bolivia. What happened was that the Constitution was ignored and violated; there were attempts to steal the election and to unleash non-stop violence. In this regard, we hope that the international community supports this ongoing process,” she said.

Bolivia targets Maduro
Interior Minister Arturo Murillo accused the Nicolás Maduro regime  of causing instability and of funding terror in Bolivia through ties involving foreigners and organizations aligned with the Movement for Socialism, former President Evo Morales’ political party.

“And it’s not only in Bolivia, but also in Colombia, in Peru, and in Chile as well, and it’s being all orchestrated by Venezuela,” said Murillo.

Bolivian authorities said they would present more results of an investigation conducted with the police of the Santa Cruz department, so as to unveil alleged connections with a criminal organization linked to narcoterrorism that is believed to operate in the country.