Mexico calls for common front against organized crime

By Dialogo
March 02, 2012

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s president on March 1 called on regional prosecutors at a meeting in Mexico City to present a common front against “the major challenge” of organized crime.
“Transnational organized crime is the major challenge…in the world at the moment, particularly on our suffering continent,” President Felipe Calderón said at the start of a two-day meeting held with the Organization of American States (OAS).
“All countries must show a common front to put a stop to this enemy, which doesn’t recognize borders,” Calderón said.
OAS Chief José Miguel Insulza said organized crime groups were the main perpetrators of drugs, weapons and arms trafficking, and had become “a complete threat to democratic governability,” in an interview with El Universal daily.
Spanish and Italian and U.S. justice officials were taking part in the meeting, which comes amid a surge of drug-related violence in Mexico, Central America and parts of South America.
Criminal groups are also a threat to the region’s elections and even impose candidates, said Adam Blackwell, an OAS security official, without citing specific cases.
Economic activities such as agriculture and tourism also were being affected, Blackwell said.
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