Instability Due to Drugs in Central America Could Spread

Instability Due to Drugs in Central America Could Spread

By Dialogo
July 19, 2012

The instability generated by drug trafficking in Central America could spread to South America, where Colombian pressure on the drug business has forced traffickers to move into Peru and Bolivia, General Douglas Fraser, Commander of U.S. Southern Command, told the daily Folha de São Paulo.

In an interview published on July 13, the general said that the United States is focused on the new criminal alliances that are promoting that activity in Mexico, where a fierce military struggle against drugs has been waged since 2006, leaving around 50,000 dead since then.

“That’s our focus. Crime brings instability in the Caribbean and Central America and can come down here,” the military leader told Folha de São Paulo during a lightning visit to Brazil.

Fraser stressed that the pursuit of drug traffickers in Colombia is pushing the traffickers into Peru and Bolivia. The three countries are the world’s largest cocaine producers, according to the UN.

“It’s a problem that no country can solve alone,” said Gral. Fraser.

On the other hand, he said that he has no evidence of possible Iranian activity in South America through its ally, the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, in the triple border area shared by Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Nevertheless, Hezbollah “is involved in illegal financial activities (…), so we’re keeping an eye on them,” he added.

I would like that a comment about the northern border of Chile with respect to drugs be made Att. Pedro García S. It is disappointing to hear this high U.S.official when the thing is so simple. Send special commands to the Colombian jungle where prior intelligence detected the cocaine laboratories, they destroy them and that´s all. They can make these things whenever they want to. FARC is nothing for them, piece of cake, just rescue the hostages, and kill all the guerrillas. What is the problem? This can be arranged with the Government of Colombia and that´s all. I wish they would send cocaine to China, poor Colombia, it would be otherwise. China would invade the Colombian jungle without the consent of anyone. Thank you.