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Brazil’s Navy Conducts Largest Training Exercise Ever in Planalto Central Region

Brazil’s Navy Conducts Largest Training Exercise Ever in Planalto Central Region

By Dialogo
October 24, 2012

Between October 19 and 30, Brazilian Navy Marines will perform a major training exercise titled Operation Formosa 2012 at the Navy’s Formosa campus in the state of Goiás. The goal of the operation is to maintain the readiness of the Marines’ resources, and represents the largest exercise performed by the Brazilian Navy.

Operation Formosa 2012 involves approximately 2,200 troops, airplanes, combat vehicles, armored vehicles for troop transportation, Gecko amphibious vehicles, anti-car missiles, surface-to-air missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and artillery, among other combat resources that are used in an integrated manner during military maneuvers. Amphibious operations, which are considered the most complex of all military operations, will also be simulated. In order to ensure as much realism as possible, all weapons will have live ammunition.

This exercise is very important for the Marines, who, according to the National Defense Strategy, are the expeditionary force by excellence. Therefore, maintaining its readiness requires training in various operational environments, such as urban areas, jungle, riverside areas and savannahs. This displays the capability of the Brazilian Navy in protecting the Blue Amazon and defending the naval and port facilities, archipelagos and oceanic islands, besides ensuring their capability in international peace and humanitarian operations, as is the case of the Marine Operative Group currently present in Haiti and the deployment on board the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon).

The fact that the forces are permanently ready has allowed the Brazilian Navy to respond expeditiously to an ample spectrum of crises, that vary from supporting of the state of Rio de Janeiro’s Public Security Organization in the occupation of several communities, to humanitarian assistance both, within national territory as well as internationally, as in the case of Chile, where a field hospital was built in less than 48 hours after the earthquake hit that country in 2010.

On October 30th, an operational demonstration will provide a general overview of the exercise in addition to some of the Brazilian Navy’s and the Marines’ capabilities. On that occasion, in which civil and military authorities will be present, resources, such as the armored vehicles used during police operations in Rio de Janeiro, the field hospital and an arsenal of deployed artillery on land, will be displayed.