Bolivia Asks Europe to Intercede to Restore Relations with U.S.

By Dialogo
June 29, 2011

On 27 June Bolivian President Evo Morales asked the European ambassadors to his South American country to intercede on behalf of the nation to restore its diplomatic relations with the United States after more than two years of distancing.

Morales made the request in the presence of dozens of ambassadors, foreign representatives, and government authorities, at a bill-signing ceremony in the Government Palace, where he confirmed that Bolivia has “every intention of restoring diplomatic relations with the United States.”

“Our ambassadors from Europe can help us to recover those diplomatic relations with the United States, but we don’t want any imposition, humiliation, or conditions on the policies we are implementing,” the indigenous president said.

Morales, who is continuing a policy of nationalizations in his second term, which began in January 2010, expelled the North American country’s ambassador and its drug-enforcement agents in 2008, accusing them of supporting supposed conspiratorial activities by the conservative opposition.

In response, the United States expelled the Bolivian ambassador in Washington, without affecting a number of joint programs.

Since then, the relationship between the two countries has been poor, with accusations and doubts raised about government policies on both sides.

If we have to be harsh with the Bolivia’s government I think this is the right moment. In different opportunities he has indicated that he doesn’t want to be involved with the imperialism, with the DEA, the Yankee army and so on. It seems like the government is very involved with drug trafficking and now, because of that, the only option left is to make up with the USA… It would be terrible if, now that the USA dignity is damage just because we have to continue the government’s game, a government that obliviously is not doing well, the country’s regional neighbors will start moving away. Europe has already noticed that the Indian leader is on the wrong path and that he has alliances with terrorists and drug traffickers. He fell on a net of deception and no one will help him, nor politically neither economically, indeed. He has two options: to declare his errors and clear up his relationships with foreign drug traffickers and move away from the ones on the Middle East. Otherwise, in a few time I do not believe he will no get into a plane and leave the country anymore.