Bolivia Aims to Export Coca Leaves

By Dialogo
January 22, 2013

Having persuaded the United Nations to classify coca leaf chewing as legal, Bolivia will now focus on trying to export leaves on an industrial scale, President Evo Morales said on January 17.

China is interested in buying coca leaf to make tea, he told a news conference.

Chewing coca leaves is a centuries old tradition in Bolivia. It has a mild stimulant effect, eases stomach pain and is used against altitude sickness in the Andes. The leaf is also the raw ingredient for cocaine.

Bolivia withdrew from the Vienna-based UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs last year in protest over the label of “illegal drug” on coca leaves.

This month it was readmitted after winning an opt-out that allows its population to keep chewing the leaves. Countries that objected included the United States, Britain, France and Germany.

Morales, who is also the leader of a coca-growers union, said “the next battle, of course, is going to be how to export coca leaves.”

Bolivia will first consult with other countries allied with it in the regional organization Bolivarian Alliance for the People of the Americas, or ALBA, Morales said.

He said Chinese diplomats in Bolivia have expressed interest in buying tons of coca leaves for making tea.

Bolivia is the Andean region’s third largest producer of coca leaves, after Peru and Colombia.

about coca leaves and tea...these are Great for everybody..great for exercise and mental clarity.....NOW..what about importing leaves to make cocaine??? ... simple economics says this NOT viable
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