Colombia Captures Alias El Loco from the Los Flacos Narcotrafficking Group

Colombia Captures Alias El Loco from the Los Flacos Narcotrafficking Group

By Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo
November 08, 2021

The Colombian National Police (PNC, in Spanish) reported the capture of Alexander Serna Giraldo, alias El Loco, who had the capacity to traffic 10 tons of drugs abroad, on October 11, 2021, in Cali, Valle del Cauca department, the Ministry of Defense said via Twitter.

The criminal, whom Colombian authorities captured with U.S. help, is wanted for extradition by a court in the Southern District of Florida on narcotrafficking and conspiracy charges, the Police said.

“This is one of the many captures in the Los Flacos organization, which coordinates cocaine shipments with the Clan del Golfo,” General Jorge Luis Vargas, commander of the National Police, said.

Alias El Loco, a drug lord in Valle del Cauca department, had the capacity to send 10 tons of cocaine to Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States. (Photo: Colombian Ministry of Defense)

The PNC said that El Loco managed the logistics for the storage and departure of cocaine from different airfields, including routes to Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States.

In the last decade, according to an article in the Colombian news site El Espectador, the Los Flacos gang has been engaged in selective homicide, narcotrafficking, extortion, and cash loans to launder their illegal resources, and made its way into the criminal world with the help of narcotraffickers from Valle del Cauca, in the Pacific.

The Pacific region is “a coveted place” for criminal groups to extort and control illegal proceeds or narcotrafficking routes, the Colombian daily La Nueva Prensa said. “The four departments that are part of it, Valle, Cauca, Chocó, y Nariño, have an outlet to the sea, which facilitates the connection with other countries.”

In addition to El Loco’s arrest, on September 23, in the north of Valle del Cauca, authorities captured Carlos Martínez Olaya, alias El Niche, leader of Los Coflas, a faction of Los Flacos, who are responsible for several killings, Colombian RCN Radio reported.