Borges: Venezuela is a sanctuary for the destruction of the free world

Borges: Venezuela is a sanctuary for the destruction of the free world

By Celia Mendoza, Voice of America (VOA)
September 30, 2019

In an interview with Voice of America, Borges said that the return to arms by former leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is a “huge concern” and that he wants to “sound the alarms on what’s behind the announcement.”

“It’s an operation that started based on the São Paulo Forum, and its goal is to keep that triangulation between Caracas and Havana, seeking to destabilize all the democracy in the region,” he said.

The diplomat said the message he wants to send to the international community is that the case of Venezuela and Maduro’s disputed government is not just about a “dictatorship” and a “failed state,” but that it has “stepped up a notch” to a “State that protects terrorism.”

“Venezuela has become a worldwide sanctuary for the destruction of democracy in the free world,” Borges said.

He added that “the whole region is in danger, unless there’s political and democratic change in Venezuela.” Borges described Nicolás Maduro’s disputed government as “an open infected wound” for the continent.

Guaidó announced on September 3 that he would authorize satellite technology to facilitate the location and detection of Colombian irregular groups believed to be in Venezuelan territory.

The National Assembly, with opposition majority, approved an agreement rejecting the “presence and expansion of narcoterrorist groups in the national territory.”