Colombia Seizes More Than 7.8 Tons of Drugs

Colombia Seizes More Than 7.8 Tons of Drugs

By Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo
December 09, 2021

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In five operations, Colombian authorities seized 7,898 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and marijuana.

In the first interdiction, on November 9, 2021, the Colombian National Police (PNC, in Spanish) seized 500 kg of cocaine in Valle del Cauca department. They found the drug hidden in a tanker truck en route to Bogotá, the PNC reported on Twitter.

On November 4, the PNC seized 983 kg of marijuana in a stolen vehicle in Cesar department.

In the third operation, on October 31, in Bahía Colombia, Antioquia, the Colombian Navy seized 217 boxes containing 3,891 kg of cocaine hydrochloride that belonged to a Clan del Golfo subgroup and was bound for Germany.

On October 26, during another interdiction in Punta Ají, Buenaventura, naval units seized 1,137 kg of cocaine hydrochloride and 440 kg of marijuana, which criminals were transporting in a motor boat, the Tumaco Coast Guard Station reported.

In the fifth operation, on October 20, the Colombian Military Forces’ General Command reported the destruction of a lab in Aguachica, Cesar department, which could produce 500 kg of cocaine per month and belonged to the National Liberation Army. On site, authorities seized 947 kg of cocaine hydrochloride, 7,813 liters of liquid chemical precursors, and 500 kg of solid chemical precursors.

The commitment

On November 13, Colombia and Ecuador agreed to exchange military intelligence information to identify illegal armed groups and gangs that engage in drug and human trafficking, Radio Caracol of Colombia reported.

In addition, on November 10, the 17th Bilateral Counternarcotics Working Group Colombia-United States agreed to explore different cooperation activities in the areas of defense and security to counter threats of regional destabilization, the Ministry of Defense reported.