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Argentine Naval Prefecture Seizes More than 8 Tons of Marijuana

Argentine Naval Prefecture Seizes More than 8 Tons of Marijuana

By Juan Delgado/Diálogo
October 13, 2020

The Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA, in Spanish) seized more than 8 tons of marijuana in Corrientes and Entre Ríos provinces and different areas of Misiones province, during several operations carried out on the Argentine-Paraguayan border in late July and early August.

Authorities carried out the main drug seizure in early August, during operations in Corrientes and Entre Ríos. “As a result of the thorough investigation of transnational trafficking of illegal drugs and the extensive operational deployment in the country’s maritime and riverine coastal areas, service members seized nearly 5,500 kilograms of marijuana,” the PNA said in a press release. Three individuals were captured during these operations.

The first operation was in the city of Ita Ibate, where PNA agents found 161 bags containing 3,268 kg of marijuana.

Simultaneously, following an investigation that began in September 2019, PNA agents conducted raids in the city of Concordia, where they seized more than 2,200 kg of marijuana.

During another operation conducted on August 5, a PNA patrol seized 730 kg of marijuana in Puerto Libertad, Misiones. The PNA dealt another blow to narcotrafficking on July 31, during a night patrol operation in the town of Eldorado, Misiones, where service members found two abandoned vessels loaded with bags.

“As a result of the operation, service members seized 1,065 packages of marijuana, weighing almost 1,000 kg,” the PNA said in a statement.

On July 29, the PNA disrupted another narcotrafficking operation in Misiones, seizing 310 kg of marijuana in San Javier.

Also on July 29, the PNA found almost 1 ton of marijuana in two operations conducted in the towns of Montecarlo and Puerto Leoni, Misiones. In Montecarlo, service members found 968 kg of marijuana in a household. Another 35 kg of marijuana were seized near the Paraná River, when the PNA found a vessel on the river bank with drugs on board.