Bolivia Arrests Alleged Leaders Of 2009 Plot

Military Continues To Support Recovery In Haiti

Por Dialogo
abril 08, 2010

Bolivian police have arrested three opposition figures for their ties to an alleged assassination plot last year against President Evo Morales, the prosecutor in the case said Tuesday. The alleged April 16 plot involved men from Ireland, Croatia and Hungary. Three were killed in a shootout with Bolivian forces, and two survived and were arrested. The leftist Morales administration claimed at the time that the plotters were mercenaries hired by wealthy Santa Cruz opposition figures to kill Morales and trigger a secessionist war. Prosecutor Marcelo Sosa said the suspects, arrested in the eastern anti-Morales bastion of Santa Cruz, included Gary Prado Arauz, the son of Gary Prado Salmon -- a general who led the military sweep that caught Argentine leftist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara in October 1967. Around 10 people have been detained in the case so far, and Sosa said he was finalizing paperwork to call some 20 people to La Paz to testify in the case. Bolivian-Croat Eduardo Rozsa Flores, Hungarian-Croat Arpad Magyarosi and Irishman Michael Dwyer were killed by Bolivian police in the 2009 shootout as they foiled the alleged assassination attempt.