‎Rebel Involved in Murder of Former President Gaviria’s Sister is Sentenced

Por Dialogo
janeiro 20, 2009

Judicial sources reported today that a judge from the Colombian city of Armenia ‎sentenced a FARC guerrilla to fifty years in prison for his involvement in the kidnapping ‎and murder of Liliana Gaviria, sister of former President César Gaviria. ‎ The Bogotàn prosecution stated that Edgar Antonio Cañas, the accused rebel, was found ‎guilty of aggravated extortive kidnapping, aggravated homicide, and rebellion. ‎ Cañas, also known as “Tito,” was part of the guerrilla command of the Mobile Column ‎‎“Teófilo Forero,” one of the higher FARC divisions that, on April 27, 2006, kidnapped ‎the sister of the former Colombian President (1990-1994) and former OEA Secretary ‎General (1994-2004) in the city of Pereira. ‎ The businesswoman was on a vehicle driven by her bodyguard, agent José Fernando ‎Rengifo, when she was intercepted in the city’s outskirts. ‎ Guerrillas opened fire against the bodyguard, who died immediately. Liliana Gaviria was ‎also severely injured. ‎ The woman died when the kidnappers escaped with her and left her in a rural area of the ‎same city. ‎ The Prosecution pointed out that “Tito” carried out intelligence tasks previous to the ‎kidnapping, and drove the car that transported her. ‎ In an oral trial held last October, the guerrilla accepted the charges, which were brought ‎by a prosecutor belonging to the National Unit of Rights and International Humanitarian ‎Law organizations.