The Pro-Government Aprista Party Maintains the Presidency of the Peruvian Congress

Por Dialogo
julho 28, 2009

Lima, July 26 (EFE).- The pro-government Peruvian Aprista Party (PAP) maintained the presidency of the Peruvian Congress with today’s election of the slate of officers headed by former minister Luis Alva Castro for the 2009-2010 legislative session. Congress summoned in plenary session today, one day prior to the opening of the new legislative session, to elect its leading officers from the slates headed by Alva Castro and opposition legislator Rosa Florián. The ticket headed by Alva Castro, who was Minister of Interior under the current administration between 2007 and 2008, received fifty-nine votes from the legislators, while Florián’s ticket obtained forty-seven votes. Alva Castro’s congressional colleagues in the vice-presidential slots will be Cecilia Chacón, a member of the Alliance for the Future (Alianza por el Futuro,) a pro-Fujimori coalition; Michael Urtecho, of the National Alliance (Alianza Nacional); and Antonio León, of the Popular Block (Bloque Popular.) After taking the oath of office, the new head of Congress told the plenary session that at the present time, the call for tolerance, compromise, and peace “is more urgent than ever.” Alva Castro said that consensus is the first task for solving the new challenges and indicated, “If we do not pay attention to Peruvians’ perspectives, we will not have appropriate and effective responses with which to make them part of the country’s process of modernization.” The veteran politician Aprista called for overcoming “unwillingness and prejudices,” as well as for “forgetting offenses, in order to restore the people’s confidence in the institution that represents them.” One of the first actions of the new group of leading officers will be to summon a plenary session on Tuesday 28th in order to hear the annual report delivered by Peruvian President Alan García at the end of the third year of his five-year term of office.