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The Latest Military Technology of 41 Countries On Display At A Fair in Lima

Por Dialogo
mayo 22, 2009

The latest advances in tanks, planes, canon artillery and military weapons are on display at the II International Hall of Technology for Defense (Sitdef), which is held in Lima for companies from 41 countries and it was opened today by the Peruvian president, Alan García. The Hall, which occupies a space of more than 11,000 meters square at the Peruvian General Army Headquarters, has been organized like any other trade show and exhibition, with the difference that the products on display range from a Polish made PT91P tank and non-manned airplanes to bazookas and Uzi machine guns. The visitors are primarily military, but during the last two days of the Sitdef, on Saturday and Sunday, the general public will also be able to admire the weapons on display, as well to touch them and to learn about them. García asserted that this exhibit is important for the need to receive up-to-date information and to be familiar with the latest defense technology, that “throughout history, its advances have had an impact on every setting”. During the inauguration of the event, which ended with García firing two large canons, the Peruvian president pointed out the importance of Peru maintaining “a sufficient level of military power as an instrument of persuasion, which is crucial for his country in order to be influential”. Additionally, he remarked that Peru is a country “that is passive”, but he stated that this does not reduce the need for them to be prepared to face any event. “In our present day world that is governed by institutions and international laws, we have seen how in many places suddenly the scenarios change and the countries find themselves facing almost unimaginable conflicts”, he added. Together with this statement, García pointed out that Peru continues “making strides to return to” its full operational capacity, “a level that they should have never lost, but unfortunately they have lost over the past few years”. He addressed this issue by stating, that “during the next few months Peru would show its developing operational levels” in his defense policy. “We may conclude that this Government is not only making great strides in building up the infrastructure and achieving major social objectives, but that also it is leaving a higher operational level for future Governments to enjoy, he remarked. Through Sunday, interested parties may come to the Army General Headquarters and observe the weapons that have been developed by countries such as Israel, Poland and Russia, and hold in their hands arms that are worthy of the action heroes in the North American films or feel what it would be like for them to pilot a helicopter or a flight simulator. EFE