Arion Is Chosen Name for Mascot of Rio 2011 Military World Games

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Por Dialogo
octubre 13, 2010

Excellent article, it does a good job explaining important information to know about our pet. Hugs from Colombia.
Arion. This will be the name of the mascot for the Rio 2011 Games. In voting that mobilized 81,537 people over twenty-two days, in the entire country of Brazil and even abroad, the winning name received 41,069 votes, a difference of 15,730 votes over the second-place finisher, Turi, which had 25,339 votes. Finishing third was Super-Pax, with 15,129 votes. Arion, of Greek origin, means “The one who has energy.”

The three options that were put to a vote were selected from the results of a survey seeking a name that would express the values and strengths of the armed forces: probity, self-sacrifice, patriotism, truthfulness, impartiality, and the image of the soldier-hero.

The main theme of the Rio 2011 5th World Games of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) is the promotion of peace through sports. Therefore, using the magical symbol of the white dove, the cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa used as his inspiration a boy who turns into a Futuristic Military Super-Athlete in order to illustrate this idea.

According to the artist, the dove accompanies the boy at all times and brings to life his childhood drawings of toy soldiers, creating the Troop of Peace.

In the view of the general coordinator of the Military World Games, Gen. Jamil Megid Junior, the public played a special part in choosing the mascot’s name. “The participation of the public was important in selecting a name that symbolizes the spirit of sports, Brazilian energy, and the athlete’s determination to win.”

As part of the project to create Arion, Mauricio de Sousa will offer to the public a 3D drawing, a thirty-second graphic animation, and a comic book, as well as a variety of licensed products showing the mascot, such as a memory game, a puzzle, magnets, pins, and stationery, among many others.