The Brazilian Navy Purchases DSG Speedboats for Inspection of River Traffic

Central America Remains Hotspot of Instability

Por Dialogo
abril 04, 2011

The Brazilian Navy has acquired three new DSG speedboats for the Second Naval District Command, headquartered in the locality of Salvador. According to a statement by the Navy, the speedboats are destined to be used for naval inspection of traffic on the São Francisco River Waterway.

The boats are manufactured from high-density polyethylene, giving greater agility and safety to law-enforcement monitoring actions.

One DSG 550 speedboat and two DSG 600 FH speedboats were delivered to the São Francisco River Captaincy and the Juazeiro River Agencies in Bahia, respectively.

On 17 February, with the help of the new boats, the Second Naval District Command began to collect data in order to update its operational and intelligence database on the localities situated on both banks of the river.